Threads and Rubbers

I apologize for the unannounced radical sabbatical I took. What was it - two, three days without one measly post? AH, the neglect! SHAME ON ME. Though I’ll make it up. An order of Reynolds -extra spicy- out in a jiffy lube! 

This is in no way, shape, or form a way to get people to fall all over me or my blog. I just feel that the followers who do a substantial amount of blogging/liking on here deserve a little appreciation. With that said, I’ve decided to have a follower appreciation day once a month. I’ll post something special and share your URL, encouraging people to follow you - because, c’mon, we’ve all got one awesome thing in common : we poop. Well… that and we think Ryan is great. I apologize if that’s an understatement for any of you -however- I choose not to get creepy with it. ;-) Because making a blog specifically about one person and one person only isn’t taking it a step too far at all! …


mattdamonn-deactivated20130810 said: I love your blog, really amazing! Oh btw, I was searching the ask box and then I saw the post that said it was located at North and has to do with your panties. Haha. Anyways, keep doing the great work <3 :)

Well, thank YOU for being sweet. And I think I’ll keep that in my records - so when people argue that I write horrible directions, I can whip out that valuable rebuttal. 

Just Friends, just ‘cause.

Yo, fellow Ryanators.

I got the ask box fixed, in case you left empty handed from your previous search. It’s located North and has to do with your panties. Keep it classy, folks.